Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm an eternal blog-neglecter.

So, yeah...Ive once again started a blog and then quickly neglected it. Sorry. I almost didnt even write this post, because of all the catching up there is to do. But then I thought, hey, this is MY blog! I will "catch up" in my own way! So thats whats going to happen.

Ok, so everything went as planned and I started Regency in Sept. I did all my practical and written work, passed all my tests, and kept my attendance rate above the required rate. I came to the end of my "workshop" phase and took my test to go out on the floor for my "rehearsal" phase. I passed..not a perfect 100, but I passed! I have been out on the floor since around the end of Nov. I havent had a whole lot of clients, since were a new school. But I get as many of my friends and family in there as I can. Ive also started advertising myself on Facebook as well as Craigslist. Trying to gain as much clientele as I can, so that I can get more practice in haircutting. Its the one area where I dont feel too confident in. Everyone tells me Im just too hard on myself...and thats probably true...but still. I DO need alot more education in that area. And today, in the classroom, we started the business unit of our curriculum. We were asked to fill out this form that asked you to state a goal you have. And then how you were going to obtain that goal. What obstacles would get in your way. Etc. The biggest problem with my school is that theyre not as focused on your education as they claim to be. We also had a huge class when I started, so there was little to no one-on-one time with instructors. Haircutting unit was a joke. I have since then made mention to the instructors and managers that we NEED more education when it comes to certain haircutting. And they all tell me the same.. "yeah, we will have to get some instruction started out on the floor sometime soon. We can totally do something like that!". And then? Nothing. I even told the corporate people, who came in one day to investigate some "problems" weve been having. I said that almost all the students feel like they are lacking haircutting skills. And they told me that they would get guest educators to come in and teach us some things. That was over 2 months ago. Nothing. SO...TODAY. I decided that I am going to MAKE this happen. I want to be the best I can at this, and if that means pestering my educators every single day, to show me a cut or technique, then that is what I am going to do! Its the only way to get things done. Be repetitive, and dont stop until I get the results I want. I think they just get so busy, and so distracted by all the girl-drama, that they forget to take care of REAL business. So, starting tomorrow, I am going to take the first step into getting the education I paid for! I have about 6 mo. left, and I want to get as much out of them as I can.

So theres my little rah-rah moment of the day.

Oh, and on the other spectrum of things...there is tons of drama. TONS. I expected as much, of course. But sometimes its just like, OMG...are you serious? Why do people have to be so ignorant and insecure? Ive learned to block most of it out..and to ignore the CHILDREN who thrive on negative attention. But some days I just want to hurt someone. Or, two someones...

Anyway. Im hoping to get better at updating and posting more. I would love your comments, questions, tips, etc. I'll try and get some pics on here soon. My new year resolution is to graduate and exceed my own expectations. Im hoping that having this blog will help me to do that!
Oh- Im changing my hair color this fri! I will post before and after. It will be drastic! Super excited!

P.S. Tip: One thing Ive seen in school is alot of backcombing ("teasing"). Alot of backcombing done WRONG. Taking sections of hair and vigorously raking it up and down with a comb, is NOT a healthy way to create volume. Instead, take a section and overdirect it a little and then take your teasing comb, and comb hair forward and downward- in a "c" shaping. This will build volume without causing breakage.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hair and there, and everywhere (I love my little puns)

I have been SO busy with preparing for school, home improvements, summer vacations, etc. Those arent things that take up my actual blogging time..but they do suck the energy out of me, along with any motivation I have left. So then, at night, instead of blogging...I Facebook. Because FB stalking requires far less brain power, than blogging. ANYWAY...lets get updated here, so I can go to bed!

I picked my school! Regency Beauty Institute, Sept 13th, I'm there! I wont get into the details of how I made up my mind..because its long and probably boring. But they have an awesome salon floor, a promising curriculum, great student rewards, and awesome services and incentives for guests. And to make going there even more exciting, I have found a girl through their FB group, who is starting the same day I am, at the same location! She is really awesome, and we have so much in common! Makes "the first day" not as scary!! We are already getting some self-promotion going on with photoshoots and business cards and much more. I have school supplies and school clothes (dresscode is black white and gray) to buy and that makes me excited! Really, any excuse to go shopping makes me excited:) Especially if I get a new wardrobe out of it! So anyway, I have alot more going on that I'd like to share...but preferrably when I am not drugged. (Did I not mention that part? I pulled a neck muscle and Vicodin is now my best friend) I have a photoshoot coming up in a week (myself and the girl mentioned earlier are doing hair and makeup, different themes and looks, on a few different girls..for our portfolios and other advertising) and I will be posting some of those pics on here! So stay with me..things WILL get interesting!

Makeup tip: If youre going to line your lips with liner and fill in with lipstick, it is my personal opinion that you line with a nude liner as opposed to one that matches your lipstick. This is because lipstick wears off faster than lipliner..leaving you with obviously lined lips (especially if you chose a bold color). If you choose a nude color, you will still get the effect of full lips but without the "ring around the mouth". Oh and while were on the subject, after applying lipcolor, stick your (clean) finger in your mouth between your lips, and then pull it out. This will get any color on the inside of your lips to come off on your finger, not your teeth.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Typical woman...cant make up her mind!

Today I visited another cosmetology school, Regency Beauty Institute. I went in with my eyes shielded from all the pretty, shiny things. (Figuratively, of course. I'd look extremely stupid stumbling my way through the tour with my eyes covered. I'd get hurt too.) I didnt want to be distracted by modern layout or updated equipment. Because although those things ARE nice and helpful, theyre not as important as a well educated instructor (to me anyway). The person who gave me my tour, was actually an instructor. I LOVED her hair. 1 point for Regency. She showed me their station area, the facial rooms, and the pedi/mani area. All of which were extremely nice. But my thoughts were, "hmph! think you can win me over with nice lighting and modern furniture?!" ...but happened. Slowly, I was being won over. Not by the lighting or furniture though. By her damned well presented information on class structure and courses. The other school (the one I am currently registered at) didnt explain much to me during the tour. They showed me the rooms, briefly explained what went on in them, and that was pretty much it. Their facial room sucks too, btw. One chair, no "relaxation decor" and ugly bright lights. Anyway..
So she was very helpful and very nice. Not overly nice or disgustingly peppy...but just the right amount of nice. By the time I was done, I was almost entirely sure that I wanted to switch schools. I couldnt wait!! And then, I came home..did another "review" search I'm back to being unsure. I dont know HOW I am supposed to decide which school is better, simply from being a prospective student, with lots of questions. So I'm gonna lay out some of the pros and cons, right here. Right now.

Excel Pros: $9,000+ tuition, dismissal time at 4:30 (giving me a headstart on beating rush hour), been in business for as long as I can remember- in my area(they have a few other schools in Michigan and Illinnois..or is it Indiana? I dunno), Milady curriculum (bought my books on my own, saving me hundreds..but Regency uses Salon Fundementals), no negative reviews online, product lines that I like, never had a terrible cut or color from them, aaaand...thats all I really know, since I didnt talk with any instructors
Excel Cons: Waiting area is out of date and really small, clinic floor is plain and simple..nothing new or modern about it, no financial aid, no clinic floor makeup, pedi areas and facial areas are poorly designed and not inviting or relaxing, junior learning is all in one area (no phases like Regency), instructors and admissions rep didnt seem eager to explain how and when things are taught, not many reviews (good OR bad) since its not a national school

Regency Pros: trendy and inviting client waiting area, state of the art equipment (including european style wash bowls!), mimicks a higher end salon for both student and customer benefit, instructors and campus manager seem genuinely nice (even though its their JOB to play me like that), student incentive program, different phases/rooms as your education progresses, accepts financial aid, clock-in is at I can sleep in a little, and a few other things that I dont want to write, since this is already too long.
Regency Cons: tuition is $18,000 (give or take a few hundred), have found some negative reviews online (but for various campuses...and then again, people rarely put GOOD reviews online. We only tend to give a sh--, when were pissed.) Most reviews were consistent..complaints about school never having products in stock..staff being rude or incompitent..dirty or broken equipment, and so on. The Regency here, is brand new- therefore the numbers of clients coming in, the amount of students who graduated, and people to seek reviews from, are scarce. They have 8 students on the floor right now, and this will be their first class to graduate.

Thats just a quick look at the pros and cons of each. So please, tell me, HOW am I suppose to make a decision such as this!? Once I think I have my mind made up, I go and change it. I want to work/learn at a nice school that looks inviting and trendy, so that I have a better chance of getting more clients. But I also dont want most of my tuition to go TOWARDS those things that make it trendy-looking. Id rather have it go towards competent and courteous instructors, and an education in general that is more about the art, and not the money. But I also want people to WANT to come in the salon..and not pass it up because it looks outdated. Nor do I want to be bamboozled (yes, bamboozled) by instructors who SEEM nice at first, but then dgaf (ask me if you dont know) once they have my money.


Perhaps I will go into Excel this week and ask to talk to the instructors. I kind of feel like a toolbag doing that, since Ive already registered...but you gots to do what you gots to do.

Enough complaining.

Heres a makeup tip before I go: Instead of dragging your eyeliner across your lid, try gently penciling in small "dots" of it inbetween your lashes and then blending with a makeup brush or q tip. And DONT EVER, EVER use liquid liner on your lower lash line. ..OR on your upper line, if you cant draw a straight one.

Heres another tip, for good measure (and to balance out all my complaining). When trying to create an arched brow with tweezing, set guidlines with a white eyeliner pencil. Meaning, use the white pencil to draw over the areas you want tweezed, creating a sort of "stencil". This will allow you to visualize what it will look like when tweezed, so that you dont make any mistakes.

Ok people, same place..different time. Hopefully with a decision set in stone!

P.S. I am thinking about doing some theme days (per my sisters great sugesstion) such as: Mondays Makeup, Mondays Mane, Fridays Face, Tuesdays get the point. I want to post the tips and info that is of the most interest, so if you have any suggestions or requests then please leave me some comments! Thanks guys!

EDIT: OMG!! Ok, so this excites me a little! Read the 3rd paragraph!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

And so the journey begins..

I've never been good at blogging. My last blog..well, lets just say its been sitting in the dark abyss of internet-land, for over a year. But I'm different now....I'm more mature. Experienced. Cultured.

No, I'm none of those things. But, I AM driven. I have a subject matter this time. Whereas my past blogs were centered around my daily life. Now you understand why they have failed. Anyway, my purpose for this blog: Cosmetology School.

For years and years, out of my 27 years of living, I have told myself that I would go to Cosmetology School. But, life happened. And its still happening. Which made me realize.."now or never".
So, come Sept. 7th I will be a cosmetology student at Excel Academies of Cosmetology. Well....maybe. I have paid my registration fee, but I'm still undecided. Its just such a huge decision. And the resources available for finding a good school, are very hard to come by. So I'm just testing the waters and trying to figure it out myself. I'm 98% sure that I will be attending Excel though. I will work out the other 2% when I look at another school on Tues.

Anyway, until I start school I wont have much to say about new things learned. But I will be posting my knowledge of products/styling techiniques/etc. that I have learned on my own. As well as my ramblings and insecurities about being in school again. Yay, right? Right.

So to kick things off, here are a few of my hair tips/tricks/secrets/whatever you want to call them. All aquired from reading various fashion magazines, websites, books, and trial and error in general:

*Rinse hair in cold water to seal the cuticle and promote shine.
*Never brush soaking wet hair, always use a wide-tooth comb to detangle.
*Comb from the bottom, up. (Seems obvious...but some people...)
*When curling hair, work from the roots to the ends. You dont want a triangle-shaped 'do of ringlets. You dont want the hair to be heated un-evenly either (and in doing so, frying your already dried-out ends).
*Curly hair does not need to be and should not be, washed everyday (well there ARE some exceptions). Some say once or twice a week is good, some say once or twice a month. I say go with what works/looks/smells best to you. Condition inbetween, and add a protein treatment once in a while.
*When curling hair, locking in the curl is not done by wrapping section around iron, blasting it with hairspray, and then releasing it. First you spray the entire section of hair (and we'll get to specific products later) BEFORE wrapping it around the iron. And then upon releasing the section, you pin it into place to let it cool- that is where it gets most of its hold. Release when cooled.
*This is a makeup tip: Dont rub youre concealer on! If its under-eye concealer, dab it on gently with your ring finger. If its concealer for a blemish, DOT it on gently with a small pointy makeup brush, or q-tip.

Ok...thats enough of my "wisdom", for now. If you have any questions that are beauty-related (and keep questions limited to that category, cause I dont know jack about anything else) feel free to ask! This whole thing is basically a way for me to remember the things I have learned, by sharing them with others. So if you have something to share as well, by all means- please do! And I also need a place to complain about my annoying classmates and incompetent instructor...I'm just preparing for the worst here. Its how I do. :)

Later my hair-brained friends! (Eventually I will run out of "witty" hair-based puns, dont worry.)